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Contacting Brendan was one of my better ideas!!!  l hadn't exercised in a few years and really wanted to improve my overall fitness and Lose Weight. With Brendan's wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise, Brendan will carefully listen to you, your aims and priorities and devise continually changing and challenging PT Sessions personally tailored to achieve your desired body shape.

Combined with his easy going manner and sense of humour it feels more like fun.  BUT be prepared to be pushed...  l achieved my results with a lot of hard work and discipline.

He will set you workouts to complete at home and advice's me which classes to do at my local gym, l did these daily, and within a short period of time l could see Fantastic Results.

Brendan will advise you on nutrition, we text each other daily about nutrition to make sure l'm on track and he's always on hand to answer any of my questions. This support and service was not available from other Personal Trainers l have used in the past, and which l consider plays a key part to Brendan's success rates with his clients.

l won't say its been easy or that l haven't had my moments of weakness ( m&m's Mondays--shortbread Sundays) :)) But with Brendan's support and encouragement, he's motivated me and got me back on track.

l have dropped from a size Large to ex Small in Sweaty Betty gym gear. If you are prepared to be disciplined and work hard ( it's not called working out for nothing ), both in your PT Session and in your own time, your results will be amazing!!!!.  l would highly recommend Brendan as your Personal Trainer far above any other. He's Worth Every Penny.......

                                           2 STONE WEIGHT LOSS 

                                              HIPS - 15cm LOST

                                             NAVAL - 20cm LOST

                                             THIGHS - 13cm LOST


                                                ALL IN 15 WEEKS





Me have a personal trainer, I'll eat my hat first!!" Wind on some months and I am writing this blog to say how great a personal trainer can be.  But not just any personal trainer, specifically Brendan, as it is not just what he has done to help me get fitter, but how he listened and tailored it to what I wanted to achieve that makes the difference.  Let me briefly explain.  Imagine somebody who has had a nice professional life but running my own business means it is also stressful and unpredictable in terms of hours. So add too many unhealthy snacks on the go, business lunches and drinking sessions with mates.  The trouser size has gone up and edging into the 38 inch zone and the most exercise being done is running to catch the train.  Then consider the addition of a fab son who was reaching 3 years old and running around like a mad thing with me lagging behind, and that was me, and the realisation hits - I am unfit and over weight.  And actually I do want to do something about it.  So I do the unimaginable,  I sign up for the weight watchers points app (you're not getting me anywhere near a meeting - I have seen Little Britain!) and I book in with Brendan.  I would never motivate myself to go to the gym and I did not want to be an athlete,  just fitter.  I expected a trainer to want to turn me into Rambo (no hope of that), so did not expect that to last, and I never expected to manage the diet beyond day two, OK day one.  But you know what, I surprised myself or to be more accurate, Brendan surprised me. With the points system I could still eat food I liked (not just rabbit food) as long as I thought carefully about portion size and balance across the day / week.  With Brendan weighing me weekly and encouraging my focus I lost around a steady pound a week.  The exercise?  I am not going to lie, the first session was hard.  Remember most of my muscles had not moved like that for years.  But Brendan was great at understanding what I wanted to achieve and building it each week so I was stretched, but not disillusioned.  I started to notice the difference,  less out of breath walking up the hill,  my trousers staring to feel loose, my stomach getting used to the portion sizes and most of all, I felt good.  It all worked in harmony and after around 3.5 months I had hit my target weight and was noticeably fitter.  People were commenting how well I was looking and I felt better about myself.  And as I said,  I was doing this for me and I am very happy with what I have achieved with, of course, Brendan's invaluable support.  So here I am, not dieting anymore as I am the weight I want to be, but being careful not to put it back on. I am also a convert and still have regular sessions with Brendan to keep building on my general fitness.  I can run around with my little boy without having to take breaks every few minutes and I like that I have a flatter stomach rather than a bulge. So in summary, I guess I need to eat my hat - but I think it will be too many Weight Watchers points, so perhaps not. 😃 Thank you Brendan, could not have got this far without you. And if the start of this story sounds like you then give Brendan a call and then you too can eat your hat.


I have always thought I ate quite healthly and was fairly active.  I swam 1-2 x per week and played 2hrs of badminton weekly also and have never felt unfit.  I always knew however i was carrying a little to much weight and after getting pains in my hip and with my sons wedding coming up i knew i needed to do something.  Brendan first off changed the way i was eating and we came up with a menu i could follow.  We then came up with realistic weekly goals for me to aim for.  Then came the exercise which i was restricted with because of my hip and the impending replacement i was to have.  I followed a low impact program but made sure i done something 4-5 x per week.  I cut back on alcohol and followed the menu stictly.  I began to lose the weight and each week i would lose more.  Friends and family were begining to notice and this spurred me on more so.  I recovered from my operation quickly and hit my target weight for my sons wedding. 2.5 Stone Weight Loss hit and i didnt follow a diet.  I have followed Brendans eating principles and have increased my activity so that i can maintain my current shape.





I was at a very low ebb when I first contacted Brendan. I’d just finished treatment for cervical cancer, and after months of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other surgical procedures, was really struggling to cope with the psychological and physiological upset which the treatment causes. Contrary to my own expectations of cancer treatment, I had put on a considerable amount of weight as a result of the intravenous steroids I was given to combat the sickness of chemotherapy and also due to the carb-heavy no-fibre diet which pelvic radiotherapy patients have to follow in order not to irritate their collaterally irradiated digestive system. This was in addition to the extra pounds which had crept on over the years working behind a desk. Dropping off the end of the hospital conveyor belt after cancer treatment was unexpectedly horrible. I had three months to wait to find out if the treatment had been successful and was steadily working my way through every food I had been denied in the previous months (rhubarb crumble with full cream can do a lot of damage!). I felt awful, and in spite of the support of wonderful family and friends, I didn’t have the will to do anything about it. That’s where Brendan came in. I found his details online, contacted him and he replied the same evening. I explained my situation and that I needed a sympathetic but effective kick start. He was happy to oblige, and has been completely understanding of the various hurdles I have had to overcome but at the same time has pushed me to achieve the results he knew would make me feel better, happier and be healthier.  Nine months on and I have lost 4 stone, can run 10k again, do 200 squats, and can honestly say I have enjoyed every session. More importantly I have now had the all clear from cancer. I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem when I first met Brendan, but I have never felt uncomfortable or awkward, and he is so personable and easy to talk to that I often forget the reason I’m there in the first place. If it weren’t a mathematical impossibility, I’d recommend him 110%.




I started training with Brendan at the start of Feb. My main aim was to reduce my body fat and increase my lean muscle mass. I wanted results quick so Brendan put me on a strict eating regime including lean meats, veg and good carbohydrates. I had to text him pictures of my meals so there was no cheating.


I was training with him 2-3 times a week and then followed gym workouts he would send me on the other days. The workouts were a mixture of weights days and CV but there was never any long runs (which I hate) they were more cross fit style workouts that really pushed me to breaking point.. and beyond.


I would generally get a text, call or email daily which kept me on my toes and I have also learnt so much with regards to nutrition and exercise. I am now at 13% body fat but this is only the beginning and we have set new goals for the summer.

weightloss transformation



I never really understood why people would have personal trainers, thinking that perhaps they lacked the motivation to train for themselves. I have always trained and competed in many sports from martial arts to triathlon but at 33 I needed a new challenge.


I had put on a lot of weight over the winter and I was recommended to Brendan by a friend. With a little scepticism I discussed my goals with him. Which were, to not go back to the very slight endurance build I was before but to increase power and bulk which is important in my work.

From our first consultation Brendan immediately set about tailoring an entire regime for me, to be reached within the next 12 weeks.Brendan's approach to training is refreshing and incredibly motivational (infectious even)! In 12 weeks, at any one of his various outdoor gyms I don't think I have ever done the same workout twice! Whether it be 'German Volume' training, TRX straps wrapped around a tree or 'Rocky Balboa' type pull up sets from the nearest goal post!


His creativity and passion for helping you reach your own personal goal is without doubt his USP!But what also really surprised me was Brendan's dedication and care to my cause away from the personal sessions. I work away from home and abroad a lot and sometimes for protracted periods. Therefore meal planning is always a challenge and my workout environment changes constantly. Brendan helped me find the best alternatives to fresh foods that I could keep in my bag and advised me on potions sizes and timings. He provided me with a variety of work outs that I could do away from home from total body weight circuits, to heavy lifting sets, to using minimal gym equipment for CV and resistance work. Rather than now having no excuse not to train I felt empowered to do so!


Brendan has opened my eyes to a new way of working out and as someone who thought he new a bit about training and nutrition I have learned so much. I suppose it's a little bit like DIY, we all think we can do certain jobs for ourselves but if you want something done properly then you get a professional. Brendan is exactly that

fat loss male



I have always enjoyed physical activity; I play golf, go swimming and occasionally go to the gym. My business however requires that I am either behind a computer or behind a knife and fork.


My weight reflected my lifestyle which eventually could not be ignored and despite my own efforts  I could not maintain a healthy balance.


nu:u personal training have helped me restore that balance. A focus not just on exercise and nutrition but now have an education on how to Integrate my busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle. To avoid the extremes and to improve my well being.


I lost 1 stone in 30 days through the "30 day transformation plan".  Since finishing that and setting new goals I am now 12 stone 8lbs and have completed two 10k runs as well as training now for my first triathlon.

get in to shape



Brendan works out a fitness and diet plan that will make you achieve exactly what you want.




I am training with him several times a week and every session is different so it never get boaring and there is always new exercises or equipment. Brendan is very motivating and always get the best out of me. I can always ask him questions anytime during the day about exercises or nutrition if I am unsure about something. Of course the sessions are mostly very tough but where there is no pain there is no gain. Brendan will help you find the exercises you like, for me I hated running so he replaced this with boxing which I really enjoyed.



I would recommend Brendan to anyone who wants to transform there physique quickly.

student weightloss

SIMON - Improved Posture, Strength, Fitness & Self Confidence


I was mid fifties, in reasonable shape, and a gym regular for well over 20 years.I'd spend an hour in the gym on a cross trainer four days a week and outside of that time I would do 60 press ups and 60 sit ups most mornings. It was an ok workout but I if I'm honest I knew I was cruising and I was frankly bored with it. So much so in fact that I was finding a lot of excuses not to go as often as I did. Work pressure, need to be home early, my age .... It all added up to a feeling that me and exercise were going to part company before long and this was a thought that both scared me and to be honest made me feel a bit sad.


I first noticed Brendan at the gym I was attending where he was putting a client through his paces. I was both impressed by the strength and level of fitness the trainee was exhibiting and also a bit envious because what he was doing was so far in advance of what I would be able to muster. 


Shortly after that I spoke to a few colleagues about their experiece of personal training and on the back of that decided to book a 30 minute session with Brendan. I had very mixed feelings about this as I feared I wouldnt be up to it and there was an arrogant  bit of me too that thought It was silly to pay someone for something I could so easily do myself.


Well it turned out I was totally wrong on both counts..... Brendan isnt the sort of person who will judge a person by where they find themselves at the start but by what effort they are willing to put in in order to move on. All he wanted from me was a commitment to work hard, the rest I could confidently leave with him. I dont mind hard work and I was amazed by the variety of exercises that he devised for me. 


After that initial 30 minute session, I signed up for two weekly 1 hour sessions, the first being mainly cardio and the second weights although being Brendan he was always likely to mix it up a bit! With the weights (which I never thought I'd be any good at) I was amazed at the progress I made. From a starting point of deadlifting 30kg I worked up to lifting 90kg. I made similar advances with Chest Press, Bent Over Rows, Squats , and others. I had thought that he would have less to teach me about cardio. Wrong again! With Brendan's knowledge, help and encouragement I took this up to a whole new level, far beyond what I believed was possible for me to do.


The greatest reward I got out of all this was the sense of acheivement. Ok it hurt a lot, and it was very hard work, but the realisation that I could do it made me very proud. There were other tangible benefits too. I slept better, my posure iwas better, and rather unexpectedly my self confidence improved even though I wasnt aware that I was lacking in that department! In addition, although I'm not at all vain I would be lying if I said I wasnt rather gratified by the changes all this did to my body's appearance.


There is no way I could have done this without Brendan's help. I could not reccomend him highly enough!



I decided to try personal training after heaving my first child. I had always struggled to motivate myself at the gym so I thought a personal trainer would be a good option for me, and I was right!


Brendan has helped me to loose weight, tone up, strengthen my muscles and improve my fitness. I have done this through varied exercises and a diet plan. Brendan analysed what I was eating and then advised me on changes to be made to my diet and which foods I should be eating more and less of, which was extremely helpful.



Every PT session I have is different, this ensures that the sessions do not get boring, are not repetitive and most importantly target different areas of the body. Brendan motivates and encourages me to reach my goals with great results! This has helped to boost my confidence and feel happier in the clothes that I wear. Even though my child is now nearly three I have continued with the PT sessions as I have enjoyed them so much and the results they have given me.




NAVAL: 92cm to 77 cm (-15cm)


HIPS: 101cm to 89.5 cm (11.5cm)












Having trained with a number of PT's in the past, I was of the opinion that mostly it seems to be a waste of money - I don't need someone to stand there and press buttons on a machine for me and chat... Brendan however is a PT that I would highly recommend is. He really knows his stuff, mixes up sessions so you never get bored, pushes you to your physical limitations, adapts sessions depending on your mood even - I have walked into a session completely stressed after a hard day at work and left feeling happy and relaxed (and tired!). Brendan goes out of his way to advise on all things fitness and nutrition - he is one of the few people in the industry that I will listen to, and he has a genuine interest and concern for people that he works with - he is a great people person, will get good results and I can guarantee that any money spent on training with Brendan will be money well spent! 
N. Boorman




Brendan is a great personal trainer. I have tried personal trainers in the past but have achieved more with Brendan than any before. He keeps the sessions interesting and always pushes and encourages me do much more than I ever would on my own. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. 
O. Flynn




I’ve appointed Brendan to assist me attain my weight and fitness goals. Brendan brings a “no-nonsense” approach to personal training which is what I wanted. His determined approach is to push his clients to their maximum in order to maximise the return on their PT investment. No two sessions are alike, and no session can ever be forecast. He brings new techniques, exercises and tools to each session maintaining the element of surprise and removing any chance of routine. He is determined to work with clients on not just exercise but also reviews and advises on nutrition and dietary requirements when exercising, to lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Brendan is able to recognise quickly when clients can be pushed harder and implements scale change immediately….if it’s easy it ain’t working !!! I’ve been fortunate to use Brendan and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve fitness and lose weight 
A. Chandhok




Never having had any personal training before I was more than a little apprehensive after making the decision to give it go with Brendan, however I needn't have worried. Brendan quickly assessed the correct level for my training and adjusted our sessions accordingly. I am now on to my third set of 6 sessions with Brendan, they always good fun and end with a great sense of achievement (and a little relief!). However I think most importantly Brendan listens to what I want to achieve and he structures all our session towards those goals. He seems to have excellent knowledge of his subject, no two sessions are the same and his manner is impeccable, he pushs you but does it quietly! With his help I have managed to move my fitness (and shape) to a far better place in a relatively short time - I have no hesitation recommending Brendan, what ever your level of fitness I'd be confident that he'll be able to help you. 
D. Farrell




Never two workouts the same and a huge difference in a short space of time - highly recommend!”
C. Cazzolli




I signed up with Brendan in April 2010 - great decision! My primary sport is running and as any runner will know, it's all about your times, and getting faster. Brendan has a really good approach to my PT programme, he made sure from the outset that he was clear on my goals and continues to make sure my PT sessions compliment the training I do on other days.

I am always amazed by the variety of exercise techniques that Brendan manages to build into my PT sessions, meaning there's never a dull moment and it keeps me motivated. He even sets me homework which is great as at gives me short-term goals throughout the week until our next session.

Brendan's got a very encouraging manner and although he's never pushed me to breaking point (yet) he always makes sure that by the end of my hour I know I've worked hard - which for me is what it's all about.

I have certainly noticed the benefits both in terms of my muscle tone, my running stamina and a positive impact on my running times and distance, so I'm a happy customer! Would I recommend Personal training with Brendan? Absolutely yes!!
C. Widera




Exercise has always been a part of my life as I’ve always yo-yoed with my weight.  In addition to this, I have a long history of heart disease in my family and having high cholesterol myself it’s has always been essential that i watch my weight for health reasons.  With my wedding just around the corner, I felt I needed that incentive to tone up and shift the extra weight which led me to the decision for some 1 to 1 training sessions with Brendan.  I can’t thank Brendan enough for the results I’m seeing and the motivation and drive that I have which is enabling me to achieve my goal weight and muscle tone.  His knowledge, experience and ability to motivate me has proved to be very effective.  I can’t recommend Brendan enough.
M. Zannetti




If you want to be pushed to cursing point, then Brendan is your man! Seriously though, I would recommend him as he made me work harder than I ever thought possible and I will be in touch as soon as I can get a job and earn enough money to start again!!!!!  Only hope that I don't gain too much flab before that happens.
B. Haycock




Well where shall I start, lets start with the mornings when I get up and can instantly feel my muscles ache. That’s when I hear echo’s of Brendan shouting come on Faz you can do it. Brendan is defiantly an X military trainer/escapee. I like his philosophy on training. I have been training with him for a few months now and have seen great results in my body, but don’t be fooled I have been put through my paces. The man knows so much about fitness and nutrition. He gives invaluable advice and support to help you reach your personal goals. I can’t recommend him enough.  TOP MAN!
F. Saleem




Brendan is all you could want from a Personal Trainer – he is encouraging and supportive but equally pushes you and knows what you are capable of achieving. He will patiently listen to your needs and prepare a suitable training plan to help you to reach your goals. He has an extensive knowledge of the muscular system and he uses a wide range of training techniques that are best suited to you, be it resistance, core, strength, stretching, interval or TRX to name but a few. Brendan is friendly, reliable and trustworthy and I would recommend him to you. Thanks to his advice and support I was able to achieve a personal best in the 2010 Brighton Marathon. 
S. Hellier




I started training with Brendan a few months ago because my motivation towards the gym had waned. I advised him of my joint condition which had restricted me so much in the past and before my first training session he had already investigated the restrictions of the condition and  planned my session - I was so pleased, he even pointed out restrictions I was not aware about myself. I have now got my motivation back and I have lost 2 stone in weight. I really look forward to my Personal Training sessions, because working with Brendan has made such a difference to how I feel.
L. Hopkins




I first decided to start personal training with Brendan after I had won a free 1-2-1 session through the gym I chose to have with Brendan as I attend his weekly classes at the gym and enjoyed them. I have never had a 1-2-1 training session before, so was a bit worried what to expect I am a regular gym user and would think I am quite fit and healthy so was looking forward to it. Brendan was great we talked about my goals and eating plan and what my expectations were. I can honestly say it was the best work out I have ever done even though I ached like hell the next day I continued my 1-2-1 for 6 months on a weekly basis to get me in shape for my wedding and with Brendan’s help and encouragement and never letting me give up ever!! I finally got there I have lost half a stone and I feel so much fitter and healthier and continue to enjoy working out. 
Best PT instructor ever!!! 

K. Copoldi