nu:u personal training is a personal training and body transformation consultancy based in Surrey & London 



We have one goal.  


Help our clients achieve there’s!  



*Since 2009 nu:u personal training  have been helping our clients to develop practical solutions to change their fitness, body shape and their lifestyles through exercise and nutrition.  We promote our services as lifestyle changes that can be continued throughout their life and not just 4-6 week quick fixes.


We do not promote or use "fad" diets.  Instead *we educate our clients to make a lifestyle change that educates them to follow a way of eating that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.  We do not use any fancy equipment that promises amazing results with very little effort.

Instead we get you to push, pull and press weights (yes women too) and move your body in the way it was designed too.


*We want our clients to be able to adapt to change.  We will look at our clients lifestyles and suggest changes that can be made to promote positive change.  If you do not like to be pushed out of your comfort zone then we are not the trainers for you.  We are not the militray but we work on a friendly but fair attitude.


However If you want a trainer that will contact you daily if needed, educate you, push you to levels you did not think where possible and *most importantly get you results then yes we are the trainers for you.


All we ask is that you give us 100% effort and are open to changing a few habits.  *If you embrace these changes then be prepared for fantastic results